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Tempe, Arizona, Divorce Lawyer

Arizona Divorce and Dissolution Attorney—Phone:  480-967-7170, John C. Arnold Attorney.  Call day, evenings, night, weekends, holidays.
Mailing Address--Post Office Box 1438, Tempe, AZ 85280

These are the few basics you need to know to understand how I can help you.  Call me and let’s start immediately to win your case.  I work on divorce cases for $175.00 per hour, a very low rate in the East Valley.

There can be very good reasons to immediately start working on the case.  If the children are taken out of state, then the divorce may proceed in another state, and that can be quite expensive.

*Thirty four years experience as a lawyer in Tempe, Arizona.  Many divorce and dissolution cases.  Settlements, trials, arbitrations.

*All work done personally by the attorney himselfNo paralegals.  Your case deserves excellent attorney help from a very experienced attorney.  You can directly contact me, your attorney.

*I work days, evenings, and weekends to help you with appointments that will not interfere with your work schedule or the rest of your life.  You can call me day or night.  Excellent communication means excellent results.

*I work very hard to understand the property issues involved in the case.   The better I understand those issues, the better I can present your case, and how to best divide the property to help you get on with your life.

*I make every effort to stay completely caught up in my work so I can immediately work on your case, and give your case all of the study, legal research, review of the business records, child achievement and evaluation records, and other legal work to prepare the case.

*It is the time that I spend on your case that matters.  An attorney’s experience and education are only helpful to you when the attorney puts in the time on your case preparation directly, not just a few minutes reviewing paralegal’s work.

Mailing Address--Post Office Box 1438, Tempe, AZ 85280 : 480-967-7170

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